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TWU557 Past President, Jerry Bradley, Recognized For His Service

During a break in the current contract negotiations, TWU National Representative Jose Galarza presented TWU557 past president and current negotiating committee member Jerry Bradley with a plaque thanking him for his years of service as the TWU557 president.

Jim Takes Robert's Vacancy, Officially Becomes TWU557 President

With the hiring of Robert Vazquez Goretti as a SWA First Officer, Jim Baird assumes the role of TWU557 President and is sworn in by TWU National Representative Jose Galarza on November 5th, 2021.

Congratulations Robert!

Thank you Jim for stepping up!


TWU557 Newly Elected Officers April 1, 2021

Newly elected TWU557 President Robert Vazquez Goretti and TWU557 Secretary/Treasurer Tom Simonds join current TWU Vice President Jim Baird and Member-at-Large Joe Gautille being sworn in by TWU International Representative Jose Galarza.

The New Board takes over as of April 1, 2021.

TWU557/SWA TA Background and Philosophy

December 2020 Part Time MOU

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